• NYC Is Suing Five Oil Companies Over Climate Change

    Six California cities and municipalities sued the same big oil companies over climate change last year. Earlier this week, ExxonMobil took first steps toward a counter-suit.

  • 2017 Was A Record-High Year For Billion-Dollar US Disasters

    Last year marked the costliest US wildfire and hurricane seasons on record.

  • A Government Watchdog Is Investigating Whether Toxic Waste Sites Are Prepared For Big Storms

    In response to a request from Senate Democrats, the Government Accountability Office has agreed to investigate whether Superfund sites are prepared for rising seas and extreme weather.

  • Why Are New Mothers Dying In The US More Than In Any Other Developed Country? A New Study Suggests It’s Partly The Way We’re Counting Them.

    A new study confirms that the maternal mortality rate in Texas is alarmingly high. But part of the problem may be a broken system for counting how many women die of pregnancy and birth complications.

  • Food Scientist Brian Wansink Is Getting Yet Another Paper Retracted, This Time For “Unreliable Data”

    Brian Wansink of Cornell University is retracting his fifth paper in less than a year.

  • 17 Depressing AF Science And Health Stories From 2017

    Sea ice melted, natural disasters were disastrous, US life expectancy dropped, and the Trump administration lent a sympathetic ear to climate and vaccine deniers.

  • Trump Just Axed A Fracking Rule And Wants To Ease Offshore Drilling Safety Requirements

    Just before the year ends, Trump delivers two more wins for the fossil fuel industry: rolling back an environmental rule for fracking on public lands, and proposing to ease safety requirements for offshore drilling.

  • 11 Ways The US Is No Longer A Climate Leader Under Trump

    The Trump administration has rolled back a host of climate research, funding, and regulations. Here are the biggest changes, in no particular order.

  • These 12 Stories Show How Deadly The Opioid Epidemic Was In 2017

    2017 was the year fentanyl became a household name. Here are 12 stories that show just how bad the US opioid epidemic has gotten, the hucksters who have profited, and how much it’ll take to get us out of it.

  • 6 Ways Trump Frustrated Native Americans In 2017

    Statements and policy changes on pipelines, monuments, and native history struck a nerve.

  • 2017 Was The Year The EPA Declared War On The Press

    This year the Environmental Protection Agency took a novel approach to dealing with bad press: openly fighting with reporters and hiring political operatives to monitor the news.

  • The Trump Administration Just Halted An Offshore Oil Drilling Inspection Study

    It's the Interior Department's second such stop in the fossil fuel arena, following the halt of a mountaintop mining safety study in August.

  • US Life Expectancy Drops For The Second Year In A Row Because Of Opioid Deaths

    Even though the elderly are living longer, more and more young people are dying of overdoses. “Basically, good things are happening to old people, while bad things are happening to young ones,” one expert said.

  • The US Government Just Lifted A Ban On Making Deadly Viruses Even More Dangerous

    A new policy from the federal government allows scientists to make viruses more deadly or contagious. Critics say this research could inadvertently release the very threat that scientists are trying to counter.

  • No Words Are Actually Banned At The CDC, Its Director Says

    CDC Director Brenda Fitzgerald pushed back against a Washington Post report that her staff was prohibited from using seven words, including “transgender,” “fetus,” and “evidence-based.”

  • Your Makeup Might Have Drugs In It. Here’s Why That’s Totally Legal.

    The Food and Drug Administration doesn’t regulate cosmetics with drug ingredients unless they make health claims in their ads. “You get out of a lot of safety testing just by calling it a cosmetic,” one expert said.

  • People Are Horrified That The CDC Has Reportedly Been Banned From Using Some Words

    According to the Washington Post, the seven banned words are “vulnerable,” “entitlement,” “diversity,” “transgender,” “fetus,” “evidence-based” and “science-based.”

  • Scientists Were Doing A Huge Safety Study About Mountaintop Coal Mining. The Trump Administration Halted It, With No Plans To Start Again.

    A study about the dangers of mountaintop coal mining has been suspended by the Trump administration. “It looks like it’s just an attempt to stop it forever,” one expert said.

  • Democrats Accuse This Trump Nominee Of Plagiarizing Her Answers To Congress About Climate Change, Environmental Justice, And More

    “We are troubled that it appears that you have cut and pasted from the written answers of other nominees in your responses to questions that were submitted to you,” wrote 10 Senate Democrats.

  • The Trump Administration Just Went To Court To Stop Kids From Suing Over Climate Change

    “This lawsuit is a demonstration of us, young people, reclaiming our democracy,” one of the plaintiffs said.

  • These Alaskans Are Fighting A Proposal To Open Up The Arctic Refuge To Drilling

    “Alaska is ground zero for climate change right now. The last thing we need is more oil development,” one Alaska Native said.

  • Yes, Elon Musk Was Serious About Sending A Sports Car To Mars

    SpaceX chief Elon Musk wants to ship his red Tesla roadster to Mars orbit on the first launch of a new jumbo rocket in January. He seems to be serious.

  • Here’s Why It’s Actually OK To Call Kellyanne Conway The “Opioids Czar”

    Kellyanne Conway is leading the White House coordination of federal responses to the opioids crisis. "If it walks like a czar, talks like a czar, quacks like a czar, it's a czar,” one political scientist said.

  • He Took Opioids To Manage His Chronic Pain. When His Doctors Took Them Away, He Didn’t Want To Live Anymore.

    In the midst of an opioid epidemic, doctors are caught in a fierce debate over whether to stop medications for patients with chronic pain. Here’s what happened to one man when his painkillers were taken away.

  • Trump's Counselor Kellyanne Conway Is Now Leading His Opioids Strategy

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced pollster Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Donald Trump, will lead White House initiatives against the opioid overdose epidemic.

  • For The First Time, A Major Oil Company Admitted That Consumers Are Driving Its Pollution. Here’s Why That’s A Big Deal.

    Royal Dutch Shell has announced plans to reduce its carbon emissions by 2050, but warned that “progress is unlikely to be smooth.”

  • Cornell University Is Investigating This Controversial Research About Eating Behaviors

    In April, Cornell said it had found no evidence of misconduct in four of Brian Wansink’s controversial papers on the psychology of eating. But now the school tells BuzzFeed News an investigation is “underway.”

  • Food Scientist Brian Wansink Gets Another Retraction

    Cornell University food behavior scientist Brian Wansink has retracted another paper — his fourth this year. “There is no empirical support for the conclusions of the article,” the journal editors wrote.

  • The First “Space Kingdom,” Called Asgardia, Is About To Launch Into Orbit

    A “space kingdom” called Asgardia, founded by a wealthy Russian-Azerbaijani industrialist, will soon launch its first satellite from the International Space Station. Legal experts say the idea of founding a country on a spaceship is bonkers.

  • We’re Headed Toward A Thanksgiving Brimming With Insects. Here Are The Crunchiest Recipes.

    In the coming decades, as meat becomes less and less sustainable, our Thanksgiving feasts might well include insects. Here are a few recipes for early adopters.

  • Someone Found This High School Kid's Science Meme Page And It's Next Level

    New Zealand's tectonic plate situation features heavily.

  • This Study Links Air Pollution To Abnormal Sperm Shape – But That Doesn’t Mean It's Making You Infertile

    The study adds to the evidence on how air pollution can negatively impact health.

  • Here’s What You Need To Know About The Radioactive Cloud That Appeared Over Europe

    Time to learn about nuclear isotopes and Russian geography!

  • A Pennsylvania Newspaper Is Fighting Back Against “Political” Cuts To Its EPA Funding

    After a political appointee took charge of EPA grants, the agency cut short a six-year, $1.95-million grant to a Pennsylvania newspaper covering the Chesapeake Bay. Now a fight is brewing.

  • “This Seems Like A Quite Remarkable Coincidence.” Why Did So Many Of This Food Researcher’s Surveys Have Exactly 770 Responses?

    Cornell University scientist Brian Wansink is facing yet another formal correction — his eighth this year, along with three full retractions — for his research on the psychology of eating.

  • Companies Giving “Climate Leave” Is Now A Thing

    A software company in New York put in place the new policy after one worker was displaced by Hurricane Irma in Florida and others were threatened by wildfires in Northern California. Other companies are starting to follow suit.

  • In A Win For Trump, The Keystone XL Oil Pipeline Just Cleared A Big Hurdle In Nebraska

    The approval of TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline in Nebraska comes as the company responds to a massive oil leak on another pipeline in South Dakota. Trump has been a vocal supporter of the project despite concerns over its environmental impact.

  • Here’s What Happened In The Hours After Hurricane Harvey Hit A Chemical Plant, According To A Staff Log

    A staff log obtained by BuzzFeed News gives a tense account of what happened in the days after Hurricane Harvey drowned the Arkema chemical plant outside of Houston.

  • When Dentists Criticize This Online Braces Company, It Takes Them To Court

    SmileDirectClub is trying to silence its critics with legal threats after the American Association of Orthodontists lodged complaints against the Nashville startup in 36 states.

  • These Climate Skeptics Have The Trump Administration’s Ear. Here’s Their Wishlist.

    Several federal officials attended an energy conference hosted by the conservative Heartland Institute. The group of climate skeptics is celebrating Trump’s environmental rollbacks and aiming for even bigger policy changes.

  • 48 News Outlets Experimented For Five Years To See What Drives Twitter Politics

    A five-year experiment has confirmed with hard-won data what every journalist already knows: The news exerts a massive influence on online conversations.

  • Every Country In The World Has Now Agreed To The Paris Climate Accord — Except The US

    A Syrian official made the announcement Tuesday at the global climate conference in Bonn, Germany.

  • Many Mass Shooters Have A History Of Domestic Violence

    Many mass shootings involve family members. Women in abusive relationships are five times more likely to be killed if their partner owns a gun. But no one knows whether abusive partners are at a higher risk of shooting unrelated people.

  • The White House Didn't Censor A Major Climate Report As Scientists Feared. But It's Not Embracing It Either.

    “I think whatever fears we had weren’t realized,” said one of the study’s authors. “This report says what scientists want it to say.”

  • Under Trump, Gun Sales Did Not Spike After The Las Vegas Shooting

    New sales estimates suggest that Obama’s support for gun controls may have driven earlier spikes.

  • Citing The Bible, The EPA Just Changed Its Rules For Science Advisers

    Referencing the Book of Joshua, EPA head Scott Pruitt announced sweeping changes to the agency's science advisory boards, opening the door to more input from the business world.

  • Trump's Nominee For Science Chief At USDA Just Withdrew Because Of The Russia Investigation

    The Agriculture Department chief scientist nominee, Sam Clovis, has withdrawn his bid for the job due to the Russian election investigation. He also had no scientific qualifications.

  • Rep. Lamar Smith, An Outspoken Climate Skeptic From Texas, Will Retire From Congress Next Year

    As House Science Committee chair, Smith has challenged the research and integrity of federal scientists, including subpoenaing for their emails.

  • Trump’s Pick For NASA Chief Was A Climate Denier Until He Testified Before Congress Today

    Jim Bridenstine, Trump’s pick for NASA chief, used to be a climate denier, but took a more mainstream stance during his confirmation hearing on Wednesday.

  • Energy Regulators Launch Investigation Into Puerto Rico Electric Grid Rebuild Effort

    “The commission has started an investigation to get the evidence regarding the prudence of all the actions that PREPA has taken,” said one commissioner.

  • Trump Finally — Finally — Declared A Public Health Emergency Over The Opioid Crisis

    Trump had promised to declare a national emergency in August. Overdose deaths have quadrupled from 1991 to 2015.

  • Here's Why A Fight Is Brewing Over Trump's Chemical Safety Pick At EPA

    "He's the absolute worst person I could think of to put in charge of chemicals and toxic safety in our nation," said one Senator.

  • A String Of Dangerous Accidents In Alaska Sends BP Reeling, Emails Show

    Internal emails, recordings, interviews, and other documentation obtained by BuzzFeed News show how BP Alaska executives are struggling to “reset” the company’s safety culture after five dangerous accidents this year alone.

  • Here’s How A Controversial Study About Kids And Cookies Turned Out To Be Wrong — And Wrong Again

    Cornell University professor Brian Wansink claimed that he’d found a way to get kids aged 8 to 11 to choose fruit over junk food. But the research was actually done on toddlers.

  • Donald Trump Said He Will Declare A Public Emergency Over Opioids

    At a Rose Garden news conference, Trump re-upped on declaring a national public health emergency over the US epidemic of opioid drug overdoses.

  • This Company Is Trying To Disrupt The Braces Industry And Dentists Are Fighting Back

    SmileDirectClub offers to straighten your teeth at a fraction of the cost of braces, without a visit to the dentist. But orthodontists claim the company has endangered the oral health of tens of thousands of people.

  • 39% Of National Park Employees Say They've Faced Sexual Harassment Or Discrimination

    The Interior Department released the results of an agency-wide survey of NPS employees Friday.

  • San Francisco Is Choking On A Thick Haze Of Smoke. These Are The Health Risks.

    “It’s very rare for it to get this bad anywhere in the United States,” one expert said. The main hazard is tiny particles of soot that can cause lung disease.

  • Your Annotated Guide To The Questionable Facts And Figures In Trump's Document Axing The Clean Power Plan

    Here’s a look under the fuming hood of EPA’s bid to kill climate regulations on power plants.

  • Fentanyl Is Now The Leading Cause Of US Overdose Deaths

    Deaths from fentanyl and other synthetic opioids killed more than 21,000 people in 2016, doubling the previous year's rate, CDC data show.

  • Trump’s EPA Is Gutting Obama’s Rule For Cleaner Power Plants

    The head of the EPA said the agency is killing Obama’s Clean Power Plan. Climate and health experts say this will increase health costs from air pollution and do little to limit emissions.

  • Billionaires Are Leading The Space Race. What Will Trump’s NASA Do About Them?

    Donald Trump’s first space council meeting happens on Thursday. It may pick a winner in the billionaire-backed race for the Moon and Mars.

  • Here's Why Debunking Viral Climate Myths Is Almost Impossible, In One Animated Chart

    A British newspaper admitted that a controversial climate article from February was misleading and inaccurate. The story’s claims have received at least 752,300 shares, likes, comments, or other interactions on social media.

  • The Work Of These Three Scientists Led To The Discovery Of Gravitational Waves, And Now They Have A Nobel For It

    The ripples in space-time known as gravitational waves were detected for the first time in September 2015, and the discovery was announced early last year.

  • Three Scientists Who Figured Out How Our Body

    Three American scientists have won the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for isolating a gene that plays a crucial role in how our bodies synchronise with the rhythms of the day.

  • The World’s Most Notorious Anti-Vaxxer Wants A Second Act

    A new documentary shows how disgraced doctor Andrew Wakefield still manages to raise big money, even in the wake of a world-famous scandal.

  • A Texas Woman Died From A Devastating “Flesh-Eating Bacteria” After Harvey

    Two others were reportedly hospitalized. The state health department said that there have not been widespread reports of skin infections.

  • A Single DNA Mutation Might Explain The Mystery Of The Zika Epidemic

    A new study is arguing that a single mutation in the Zika virus could be behind the 2016 epidemic of brain damage in infants.

  • Scientists Are Trying To Rescue 1,500 Monkeys In Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico's Cayo Santiago, home to 1,500 research monkeys, was hit hard by Hurricane Maria. Scientists are trying help staff wiped out by the storm to resupply the island.

  • 13 Beautiful Facts About Trees That You Probably Didn't Know Before

    Plus, just really pretty pictures of trees.

  • Landfills In Puerto Rico And The Virgin Islands Are Already An Environmental Mess. Hurricanes Just Made These Failing Piles Of Garbage Worse.

    Massive landfills on Caribbean islands were already poisoning the nearby soil. Hurricanes Maria and Irma likely just made them worse, experts say.

  • These California Cities Just Sued Five Oil Companies Over Climate Impact

    “Global warming is here and it is harming San Francisco now,” the city’s lawsuit says.

  • Here's Why Mexico City Is Hit So Hard By Earthquakes

    “Everyone in the earthquake business knows that Mexico City is built on pudding,” said one expert.

  • A Major Biotech Company Has Been Hit With A Gender Discrimination Lawsuit

    J. Craig Venter, famed genomics pioneer and cofounder of the San Diego–based Synthetic Genomics, is just one individual named in a sweeping gender discrimination lawsuit against the biotech company.

  • These Texas Chemical Plants Filed A Year’s Worth Of Pollution Reports After Harvey

    Chemical spills, damage to petroleum tanks, and the stopping and starting of plants released more than 5 million pounds of pollutants, according to regulatory filings analyzed by BuzzFeed News.

  • 18 Things A Doctor Wants You To Know About UTIs

    It's more important to pee after sex than it is to pee before.

  • 19 Common Myths Sexual Health Nurses Want You To Stop Believing

    Nope, you can't get rid of crabs by shaving your pubes. Sorry.

  • 21 Powerful Photographs Of Wildlife That Will Make You Feel Things

    This year's Wildlife Photographer of the Year award shortlist is out today. Here are some of the finalists from the competition, and the stories behind the photographs.

  • Here’s Why Hurricane Irma’s Flooding Predictions Were Off

    The surge of high water from Hurricane Irma was surprisingly low in some places, like Tampa Bay, and surprisingly high in others, like Jacksonville. Predicting surge is a tricky new science.

  • 12 Ways Having Parkinson's In Your Twenties And Thirties Changes Your Life

    "There are more of us than you'd think juggling the condition with careers, young families, travel aspirations."

  • The Spaceship That Took Some Of The Greatest Images Of The Solar System Is About To Die

    After 20 years in space, some amazing science, and some unbelievable images, the Cassini-Huygens mission is finally coming to an end. We asked two of the scientists who worked on it what the mission meant to them.

  • Here's How Zoo Animals Are Hunkering Down Ahead Of Irma

    Even SeaWorld is battening down for the onslaught of the ocean storm.

  • Here's Where Hurricane Irma's Storm Surges May Hit Florida Hardest

    Experimental federal maps project where higher storm surge waters — as high as 15 feet in some places — are now predicted for Florida's coast.

  • Here’s How Hurricane Irma's Evacuations Will Roll Out

    “The highways weren’t designed to empty a state,” said one expert.

  • Hurricane Irma Could Cost Miami

    “Southeast Florida is the most vulnerable place in the whole country to hurricane damages,” one expert said.

  • Hurricane Floodwaters Are Headed For Trump's Mar-A-Lago

    With evacuation ordered for Miami's coastal zones, Trump properties are facing a storm surge threat.

  • Here Is The Latest Predicted Path For Hurricane Irma

    It shows the latest forecast from the National Hurricane Center.

  • Houston Medics And Police Sue Arkema Over Chemical Plant Blasts After Harvey

    The suit claims that Arkema did not warn first responders that fumes from the explosions could be toxic.

  • This Traffic Map Shows People Trying To Get Out Of Florida Before Irma Hits
  • Here’s How Hurricane Irma Is Different Than Hurricane Harvey

    “We spent all last week calling Harvey ‘unprecedented’,” said one expert. “Now it’s ‘unprecedented’ times two.”

  • A Science Journal Said That Removing Statues

    "Maybe when I tell people that science is systemically racist, they’ll believe me now. This trash is endorsed by a top journal," one scientist said.

  • 5 Truly Gross Parasites That Have Ruined Real People's Vacations

    Americans took 1.7 billion vacation trips last year — and brought back some very gross stowaways.

  • Harvey Damaged 13 Toxic Waste Sites. It Could Take Years To Know The True Health Risks.

    "They're not going to get cancer tomorrow — they may get asthma in three months," one researcher said.

  • These Scientists Got To See Their Competitors’ Research Through Public Records Requests

    Over the past decade, scientists or universities have used the Freedom of Information Act to get thousands of competitors' grants proposals. And many of the targeted scientists are upset.

  • These Maps Show The Vulnerable Houston Neighborhoods That May Need Most Help Rebuilding From Harvey

    Rising floodwaters don’t discriminate between rich and poor. But when it comes to recovering from disaster, wealth makes a huge difference.

  • Hospitals In Houston Are Preparing For A Massive Surge Of People In Desperate Need Of Medical Care

    Tropical storm Harvey has begun heading east, but healthcare workers across the city are preparing for a medical fallout that could last months.

  • Damage From Harvey Has Already Caused Millions Of Pounds Of Toxic Pollutants To Be Released Into The Air

    The explosions and ensuing fire at the Arkema chemical plant early Thursday are just the latest in a wave of damage, disruptions, and pollution at industrial facilities along the Texas coast after Harvey.

  • Houston’s Urban Sprawl Meant Harvey Was A Disaster Waiting To Happen

    Houston is one of the least densely populated of the US's great cities, and has sprawled into floodplains because of lax building rules. That needs to change, experts say.

  • Here Are The Health Hazards In Houston’s Floodwater

    From floating fire ant colonies to leaking car batteries to sewage, public health experts are expecting storm-related health effects to last months.

  • A Government Staffer Asked A Scientist To Delete “Climate Change” From Her Grant, And People Are Mad

    An employee at a DOE lab said that "climate change" and "global warming" cannot be used in project descriptions because "we have to meet the President's budget language restrictions."

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