Sailing through the nine months

Right from the time the pregnancy results come positive to the time the mother delivers the baby, the wait for the baby all through the nine months is...

Expectant mother faces a myriad of challenges, hormonal changes, physical discomforts etc., at various stages during their pregnancy. A good and understanding doctor can change things around for a woman by lending an ear to her problems and reassuring her that it is normal.

• First trimester: In the first three months the mother generally goes through composite emotions like joy, fear, anxiety, tiredness, general lack of interest and sometimes even unexplained sadness. Many women feel extremely guilty about it and are unaware that it is very normal to feel so. All the pregnancy related hormones are secreted during this period, causing the physical and mental changes. An understanding of the fact that the arrays of emotions are due to the changes in the biological system, can help the women sail through it with ease. Another important aspect of the first trimester is the feeling of nausea that restricts the woman from consuming healthy food. Discussing this concern with the doctor is important, as in suitable cases, the doctor may prescribe medications to circumvent this problem.

Supportive family members and friends also go a long way in making the mother enjoy her pregnancy. Here are some of the common problems that expectant mothers face during the three trimesters of pregnancy.

• Second trimester: The second trimester is a very easy and comfortable period of pregnancy, where women get back their energy and appetite. Although there can be minor discomforts from a growing baby bump, this phase is predominantly enjoyable for expectant mothers. Many women feel positive and energized during this trimester and even head out for a quick baby moon with their loved ones. This is the period where many critical scans are scheduled to continuously assess the growth of the baby. There is also a considerable weight gain in the mother during this period.

• Third trimester: The last and final three months can again be a little challenging for the mother as she may have to deal with the increasing body weight and baby weight. Heartburn and fluid accumulation are quite common conditions during this period and the sleep may get affected. Although it is normal for women to be anxious about the due date, it is best to shift the focus away from it and carry on with the normal activities. It is the best time to pack a small basket with all the essentials to be taken to the hospital and inform your primary caregiver about it.

Lastly, preferably choose a hospital with good pregnancy doctors and neonatologists. A children’s hospital attached to the gynecologist clinic can be very helpful for neonatal care and vaccination.