• Nassar judge: 'I've just signed your death warrant'

    Larry Nassar tells victims 'an acceptable apology is impossible' as he's sentenced to up to 175 years.

  • Larry Nassar abuse: What it was like to face 'monster' doctor in court

    Three women abused by the former USA gymnastics doctor explain why they testified.

  • Israel's plan to force out African migrants

    Thousands of African migrants were given a choice to either take a payment and leave the country, or face arrest.

  • Inside rebel-held Syrian town near Afrin frontline

    Mark Lowen visits Azaz, a rebel-held town near where Turkish-led forces are battling Kurdish fighters.

  • Antarctica's Weddell Sea 'deserves protected status'

    Scientists have called for special status to protect coral, penguins and other wildlife in Antarctica.

  • Serial stowaway Marilyn Hartman sneaks on to another plane

    The 66-year-old repeatedly gets past airport security and on to planes without a ticket or passport.

  • Aleppo's 'famous' bakery reopens

    The ovens of the Bab Al-Nasr bakery are running again after six idle years.

  • Cerebral palsy is my motivation, says Somali YouTuber Abdi Omar

    Motivational speaker Abdi Omar says his cerebral palsy has made him "stronger and wiser".

  • Syrian regime routinely bombs civilians in Eastern Ghouta

    The BBC has obtained shocking footage from the besieged area of Eastern Ghouta outside Damascus.

  • Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg shares #MeToo story

    At the Sundance Film Festival in Utah, a US Supreme Court judge shares her #MeToo experience.

  • Camera captures deadly avalanche's ash cloud in Japan

    A soldier has been killed in the avalanche that appears to have been triggered by a volcanic eruption.

  • The Philippines' most active volcano Mount Mayon erupts

    More than 40,000 local residents have been forced to evacuate the area.

  • Sirens and panic as tsunami warning jolts Alaskans awake

    A 7.9-magnitude earthquake rattled Alaska's coast, triggering tsunami alerts and prompting residents to evacuate.

  • Tokyo amusement park evacuated in missile drill

    Tokyo carries out an evacuation drill amidst fears of a missile attack from North Korea.

  • Las Vegas rally marks anniversary of Women's March against Trump

    Las Vegas rally marks first anniversary of Women's March against Trump.

  • The slime crafter with 850,000 fans on Instagram

    Alyssa Jagan has built a massive Instagram following on the power of slime.

  • IS and how it continues to plague Iraq

    A month after war was declared over, Iraqi soldiers are still being killed by Islamic State militants.

  • Deported from Belgium, tortured in Sudan?

    Has Belgium failed in its duty to protect asylum seekers?

  • Women's marches across the US

    Women stage marches across the US on the first anniversary of President Trump's inauguration.

  • Poland's competition for skiing priests

    Priests and clergymen compete in Poland's annual Pope John Paul II skiing competition.

  • Would you keep a cockroach as a pet?

    In Russia, keeping exotic animals getting is more and more popular each year.

  • Pope Francis in Peru: Violence against women 'a plague'

    Pope Francis speaks out as he holds Mass in Trujillo, Peru.

  • Who is George Weah, Liberia's new president?

    How George Weah went from being the world's best footballer to the president of Liberia.

  • Why is Turkey attacking Syria?

    The BBC's Mark Lowen explains.

  • The Brazilian man who lives in a sandcastle

    Marcio Matolias has lived in a sandcastle for 22 years in an upmarket neighbourhood of Rio De Janeiro.

  • Why Italians are saying 'No' to takeaway coffee

    Drinking takeaway coffee is a way of life in many parts of the world. So why do Italians refuse to do it?

  • Nassar case: Gold medallists Raisman and Wieber face abuser

    Aly Raisman and Jordyn Wieber confront former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar in court.

  • Women's march: Where, when and why will protests happen?

    Protests are planned across the US this weekend - here's what you need to know

  • Pope sends gift to woman thrown from horse

    The police woman, whose horse was startled during Pope Francis' visit to Chile, is recovering in hospital.

  • The man risking his life to save pink dolphins

    Fernando Trujillo works in dangerous areas of the Amazon to save the rare species.

  • President Putin plunges into icy water to mark Epiphany

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has taken part in a traditional Orthodox ritual to mark the feast of Epiphany.

  • British 'extreme kayaker' sets 128ft waterfall record

    Bren Orton plunged down the Big Banana falls in Mexico, setting a British record.

  • Jacinda Ardern: New Zealand PM's 'unusual' pregnancy surprise

    The country's leader said she will take six weeks off work when her baby arrives in June.

  • North Korean skiers dream of Paralympics

    Ma You-chul and Kim Jung-hyun are set to be the first from their country to compete in the Winter Paralympics.

  • Shackled siblings: What we know about their lives

    Chained to beds and beaten as punishment, the couple's children hatched an escape plan over years.

  • Popemobile causes horse to throw police officer in Chile

    The vehicle swerved to avoid hitting the police officer, when her horse reared up in the air.

  • Fishermen escape crash by split-second

    Watch how fishermen in Oregon react as a boat speeds straight towards them.

  • How an 'ice jam' caused river to burst banks in minutes

    Timelapse footage shows how a partially frozen New York river rose dramatically during a cold snap.

  • Plane that skidded off Turkey runway recovered

    All 168 passengers and crew survived when it slid down a cliff overlooking the Black Sea in Turkey.

  • Deadly storm causes chaos in Europe

    Four people have been killed by 140km per hour (90mph) winds across Europe.

  • Father of two deported after 30 years in US

    Jorge Garcia was brought illegally to the US aged 10.

  • California captivity case: Turpin children faced 'torture'

    A California police chief says three of the 13 siblings were found shackled after one girl escaped.

  • US senator to Trump official: Your amnesia is complicity

    Cory Booker says he is "seething with anger" over the president's reported remarks on immigration.

  • White House physician praises Trump's 'genes'

    Dr Ronny Jackson fields questions about Mr Trump's health, which he says may be due to "good genes".

  • Dozens of women describe abuse by ex-doctor Larry Nassar

    Dozens of women abused by ex-Team USA gymnastics sports doctor Larry Nassar confront him in court.

  • Residents of Oslo, Norway ski along streets

    Residents of the Norwegian capital chose a novel way to get to work in heavy snow.

  • Mount Mayon: Philippines volcano spews out lava

    Volcanologists say a "hazardous explosion" could be imminent, as thousands flee the area around Mount Mayon in the Philippines.

  • California: Shackled siblings parents arrested

    Police arrest the parents of 13 children allegedly held captive in their California home.

  • 'Nassar sexually abused me hundreds of times'

    A court hears how former Team USA gymnastics sports doctor Larry Nassar used his position of trust to subject one of nearly 100 victims to a decade of abuse.

  • California car crashes into second floor building

    Dashcam shows airborne car crashing into second floor of a building.

  • Trump's alleged race remarks 'a punch in the guts'

    Participants at Washington's Martin Luther King parade reflect on Trump's remarks about Haiti, African and Central American countries.

  • Wallaby gives police slip on Sydney Bridge

    The unusual sight of a wallaby bounding across the Sydney Harbour Bridge has surprised early-morning motorists.

  • Rape survivors’ clothing on display

    The ‘Is it my fault?’ exhibition at the Centre Communautaire Maritime in the Molenbeek district of Brussels aims to promote awareness about sexual violence.

  • Trump voters grade president's first year

    Four Donald Trump supporters share their views on the president's first year in office.

  • Firefighter catches child from burning building

    Footage captures the moment a child was dropped from a burning building in Georgia.

  • UK jets intercept Russian bombers near UK airspace

    British jets were scrambled to monitor two Russian bombers approaching UK airspace, the RAF says.

  • UK sends medics to halt Rohingya diphtheria outbreak

    There have been 4,000 suspected cases of diphtheria in the overcrowded refugee camps and at least 31 deaths.

  • Deadly Florida casino boat fire

    A woman dies and over a dozen people are injured north of Tampa, Florida.

  • The missing - consequences of Trump's immigration crackdown

    In a rural county that voted for Trump, people are shocked to see friends and schoolmates deported.

  • Ashley Judd: I was not frightened of Harvey Weinstein

    Actor Ashley Judd says she believes Weinstein sabotaged her career - allegations which he denies.

  • Looking for my brother

    Amer hasn't heard from his brother Mohamed since he was arrested and put in an IS jail.

  • Plane skids off runway at Trabzon Airport in Turkey

    The plane stopped with its nose nearly in the sea, but Pegasus Airlines said no passengers or crew were hurt.

  • Hawaii missile alert: False alarm warning broadcast

    A false missile alert was broadcast in Hawaii urging people to take shelter.

  • 'I'm a Muslim who voted for Donald Trump'

    Mike Hacham originally protested against Trump's so-called "Muslim ban" but says he'd for vote for him again.

  • Panmunjom: Truce town in the Koreas

    Here are five things to know about Panmunjom, famous for keeping the peace between North and South.

  • Ethiopia's 800-year-old rock churches

    Churches have been carved into the rock in northern Ethiopia for over 800 years.

  • Hawaii missile alert: Broadcast of false alarm warning

    A warning was broadcast urging people on the island to take shelter.

  • President Macron: Baguette me not?

    President Emmanuel Macron says the French baguette should be listed as a Unesco cultural treasure.

  • President Trump honours MLK amid 'racist slur' controversy

    At an event honouring Martin Luther King Jr, Donald Trump was asked about an alleged "racist slur".

  • Baby Panda Yuan Meng makes debut in France

    The first panda ever born in France has gone on display to the public.

  • Where rare second-hand trainers can cost 2,000 US dollars

    Streetwear lovers in South Africans are buying, selling and trading shoes at the Sneaker Exchange. It's the latest craze to hit Johannesburg, and the place to upgrade your kicks.

  • ICYMI: Ex-crime boss caught out by ink

    The Japanese ex-crime boss captured because of his ink and other stories that could've passed you by.

  • Smallest cat in world: Footage of rare animal

    They weigh about 1kg and their eyes are six times more powerful than ours.

  • 'Britain is not always preferable to Nigeria'

    Lawyer Aji Ayorinde is looking at swapping his life in London for Lagos.

  • Is this the world's oldest tattoo parlour?

    Wassim Razzouk's family has been tattooing pilgrims to Jerusalem for at least 25 generations.

  • Truck ploughs through cycle race finish line in Australia

    Reporter's shock caught on camera as truck ploughs through cycle race finish line in Australia.

  • Indonesia crocodile stuck in a tyre worries rescuers

    It has been stuck for more than a year, and officials worry it will get strangled if it keeps growing.

  • Montecito mudslides: The terrifying moment a wave of mud hit

    A survivor recalls hearing "the most vicious, violent sounds you've ever heard" as his home was hit.

  • School superintendent takes blame for dramatic teacher arrest

    A Louisiana superintendent tearfully accepts responsibility for a school board meeting gone awry.

  • Tom Hanks: Oprah is one of a kind

    Three Hollywood stars weigh in on the Oprah for President debate.

  • Zainab's last moments before her rape and murder

    The brutal rape and murder of a six-year-old girl in Pakistan has sparked outrage.

  • Hospital apologises for 'dumping' gowned patient in cold

    A passerby found the woman outside the Baltimore hospital when temperatures were close to freezing.

  • Syria shelling: 'They used to tell me I was beautiful'

    One shell in Syria can change a life forever. Meet the Syrian girls who just want to be beautiful again.

  • Polar explorer Ben Saunders shares his top tips

    Ben Saunders has led 13 expeditions since 2001 and has walked around 4,000 miles in skies.

  • Families return to mudslide-hit Montecito

    Residents of the hillside community went back to their homes to salvage pets and belongings.

  • Anti-austerity protests in Tunisia turn violent

    Anti-austerity protests in Tunisia have been turning violent. More than 500 people have been arrested.

  • California mudslides: Family rescued by helicopter

    A family of five and their two dogs were rescued from the roof of their house in Santa Barbara.

  • Nigerian TV presenter: 'I don't want people to know I grew up in England'

    Nigerian TV presenter Yewande Osamein moved from Lagos to London for job prospects but doesn't want people to know she grew up in London.

  • Who assassinated ex-Pakistan leader Benazir Bhutto?

    BBC World Service investigates the assassination of former Pakistan prime minister Benazir Bhutto, 10 years after her murder.

  • The teenager living under siege in Syria

    Fifteen-year-old Muhammed lives in the rebel-held area of Eastern Ghouta.

  • Californian mudslides: 'Like a World War I battlefield’

    A distraught mudslide survivor tells how he pulled a baby from under four feet of debris.

  • Thousands stranded in Swiss ski resort

    More than 13,000 tourists are stranded in the alpine resort of Zermatt, after heavy snow cut off towns and villages across Switzerland, France and Italy.

  • A marine biologist says a humpback whale saved her from a shark

    A marine biologist says a humpback whale saved her from a shark during a recent research expedition

  • What the world thinks of Trump's first year as US president

    Donald Trump's first year in the White House has been followed closely around the globe.

  • Don't Worry, Everyone, This US Military Leader Has A New Hashtag To Get ISIS To Give Up

    The US military’s top enlisted leader warned #ISIS_SurrenderOrDie, or face death via "dropping bombs on them, shooting them in the face, or beating them to death with our entrenching tools."

  • It’s Going To Be A Wild Year In Latin America — And Trump Is Set To Make It Worse

    The region will be tested by at least five presidential elections and numerous local ones, the potential fallout of growing militarization, and US-bred threats to the economy.

  • A Picture Of A Refugee Staring Into A Gym Went Viral. Now He Has A Lifetime Membership.

    A photograph of a shoeshine boy staring longingly into a gym went viral, and inspired the sports club’s owner to help.

  • People Are Mad That Catherine Deneuve Said The #MeToo Movement Has Gone Too Far

    “Rape is a crime," reads a letter signed by the French cinema icon and more than 100 other women. "But insistent or clumsy flirting is not a crime, nor is gallantry a chauvinist aggression."

  • Powerful Earthquake Strikes The Caribbean, Tsunami Advisory Issued

    The 7.6 magnitude temblor struck off the coast of Honduras. Tsunami alerts were issued for potentially destructive waves across much of the Caribbean.

  • Hold On To Your Butts, Switzerland: Donald Trump Is Heading To Davos

    The World Economic Forum in Davos is hoping the US president can provide its wealthy and/or powerful attendees "a direct perspective on US political and economic priorities."

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