• K'Nex builds toys rollercoaster you can ride in VR

    K'Nex creates a toy rollercoaster kit that children build and then "ride" in virtual reality.

  • Robot bartender: The bar where machines mix drinks

    You can order a cocktail and a pair of robot arms will mix it for you while you wait.

  • Gas detecting pill could diagnose poor gut health

    The capsule can measure gas levels and transmit this information to a mobile phone app.

  • Sim card shoes send alert if wearer falls.

    E-vone has developed a smart connected shoe for elderly or frail people.

  • Chrissy Chambers: How 'revenge porn' changed my life

    Chrissy Chambers tells the BBC's Jane Wakefield how "revenge porn" changed her life.

  • Ex-GCHQ boss: 'Social media firms sit above democracy'

    Former GCHQ boss says that social media organisations “have huge power” over governments.

  • Hyperloop: A visit to the test site of Virgin's train of the future

    Can a futuristic tube-based transport scheme that shoots pods through a vacuum become a reality?

  • Swimmers rescued by drone in Australia

    Lifeguards were being trained how to use the drone when the drama unfolded in what's being called a world first rescue.

  • RAF Marham: F-35 fighter jet simulator unveiled

    The F-35 fighter due to arrive at RAF Marham in Norfolk this summer.

  • CES 2018: Time machine camera lets you record 'missed moments'

    A wearable camera lets users record events that have already happened over the past 10 seconds.

  • CES 2018: Floating ads created by Kino-mo's spinning tech

    Spinning LED strips are used to create video images that appear to float in mid-air like holograms.

  • CES 2018: Merge Blaster mixes real world with game

    A hi-tech toy gun lets gamers play virtual reality-style games without having to wear a headset.

  • CES 2018: CarWink emojis seek to replace driver hand gestures

    A small display that shows images offers motorists a new way to communicate to each other.

  • CES 2018: Omron's ping pong robot keeps ball in play

    A robot that matches its ping pong-playing skill level to its human opponent's is on show at CES.

  • CES 2018: Bringing female equality to the WWE's ring

    World Wrestling Entertainment’s Stephanie McMahon explains her firm's move into virtual reality.

  • CES 2018: A look at the show's highlights

    BBC Click's Lara Lewington looks at some of the best technology at CES 2018.

  • CES 2018: Luka owl robot reads bedtime stories to kids

    A robot that can read any of 50,000 picture books to young children will soon launch.

  • CES 2018: Intel's swarm of drones lights up Vegas night sky

    More than 200 drones are dazzling audiences in Las Vegas with a sky show timed to coincide with CES.

  • CES 2018: Sticky note printer created for technophobe mother

    An inventor creates a machine that churns out retro-style coloured notes for his far-off mother.

  • The Best Tweets From CES Were About The Power Outage. Enjoy.

    "I'm borderline impressed at this level of irony."

  • This Is Why Experts Are Calling Kodak's New Bitcoin Scheme A Scam
  • CES 2018: iKeyp smart safe proves easy to crack open

    Tests of a smart safe on show at the CES expo suggest it is relatively easy to steal its contents.

  • CES 2018: Robot battles BBC at Scrabble

    The BBC's Dave Lee challenges a robot to a game of Scrabble at CES 2018.

  • CES 2018: Sony's Aibo robo-dog shows off AI smarts

    Sony shows off its robot pup at the CES tech expo to highlight its artificial intelligence skills.

  • In October, Twitter Promised An Ad Transparency Center In 'Coming Weeks.' Where Is It?

    Responding to Russian election meddling on its platform last October, Twitter promised to introduce an ad transparency center "in the coming weeks." There's still no sign of it.

  • People Are Pushing Back After Instagram Started Showing Random Posts In Their Feeds

    Have you noticed posts from accounts you don't follow in your feed? Here is why it's happening.

  • MyKronoz's hybrid watch hides screen behind hands

    A smartwatch with a screen hidden behind its analogue hands is on show at the CES tech show.

  • CES 2018: Hands-on with HTC's untethered VR headset

    HTC debuted an adaptor that allows Vive users to play untethered from the computer. The brand also announced a new, higher-end VR headset. Dave Lee gave it a go.

  • CES 2018: Short story dispenser spits out tales

    A French publisher aims to print stories and poems on demand in unexpected places.

  • CES 2018: A seeing suitcase and other AI-enhanced gadgets

    Rory Cellan-Jones reports on how firms are promoting their use of artificial intelligence at CES.

  • CES 2018: Scribbles turned into fine art by Vincent AI app

    Software that can turn simple scribbles into detailed "paintings" is on show at CES in Las Vegas.

  • CES 2018: Android camera makes 3D spinnable selfies

    A start-up has a smartphone gadget that lets users create high-resolution models of their faces.

  • Steven Bannon Is Out At Breitbart

    Under pressure, the President's former chief advisor leaves the site that on which he built his reputation.

  • Is Nicki Minaj Doing An Ad For Mattresses Here?

    After BuzzFeed News asked if this was an ad, Minaj deleted the caption on her Instagram.

  • SpaceX May Have Lost A Super-Expensive And Classified US Spy Satellite

    Elon Musk's company said its rocket had performed as expected — but would not confirm the mission to launch a classified government satellite had been a success.

  • Trump Misses Key Points In Address To America's Farmers

    The president only lightly touched on trade and immigration issues in an address to the American Farm Bureau Federation.

  • CES 2018: Robot refuses to co-operate with LG chief

    A shy robot that ignored commands from LG's marketing chief overshadows the firm's CES press event.

  • CES 2018: LifeFuels smart bottle thirsts for drinking data

    A smart bottle is on show at CES that adds nutrients to water and tracks how much is consumed.

  • CES 2018: DNANudge app uses saliva to recommend what to eat

    A UK start-up plans to offer DNA tests in shops to help people eat more healthily.

  • CES 2018: Orosound smart earphones cancel out unwanted noise

    Dan Simmons puts Orosound's Tilde noise cancelling earphones to the test.

  • Far Right Activist Charles Johnson Has Sued Twitter Over His Suspension

    “This is going to be a very serious case over the freedom of the internet,” Johnson told BuzzFeed News.

  • Google Memo Author James Damore Sues Company For Discrimination Against White Males

    Damore, Gudeman, and other class members were ostracized, belittled, and punished for their heterodox political views, and for the added sin of their birth circumstances of being Caucasians and/or males."

  • Facebook Scraps Plans For AI Concierge In Messenger

    Once upon a time, Facebook hoped to give us all personal, AI-powered virtual assistants ...

  • Twitter Keeps Allowing Hackers To Run Malicious Ads That Offer To Verify People On Twitter

    The ads steal account and financial information from unsuspecting users, and they keep getting past Twitter's ad review process.

  • The Trump tell-all is an incendiary piece of factually debatable content that’s perfectly engineered for virality and, depending on your side, a confirmation of every politically motivated suspicion.

  • CES 2018: First look at futuristic Byton smart car

    An exclusive first look at a new electric vehicle designed by ex-Apple and BMW engineers.

  • CES 2018: Psion PDA gets Android makeover

    The must-have business tool of the 90s has been updated by one of the original designers.

  • CES 2018: The house that hears burglars

    Software that can identify sounds such as windows being smashed has been developed in Cambridge, UK.

  • CES 2018: Electric virtual reality suit shocks gamers

    The Teslasuit can serve up some real-world pain when playing virtual reality games.

  • CES 2018: Aryzon flat-pack kit promises affordable AR

    Aryzon's cardboard kit turns smartphones into augmented reality headsets.

  • CES 2018: Gadget guides bikers to their destination

    The handlebars guiding you on your journey and helmet with its own brake light.

  • Warnings Are Being Made Against Eating Romaine Lettuce After A Big E. Coli Outbreak

    At least 58 people in the US and Canada have become ill with E. coli, and two have died.

  • This Guy Got The AirPod He Lost On The Tracks Back After He Tweeted About It

    A cry of despair, followed by an act of good faith by a rail system that uses social media.

  • Woman gets tech-enhanced tattoo of her grandma's voice

    She is one of the first people to get a tattoo you can hear.

  • The drug-carrying drones that reach far-flung places

    How drug-carrying drones could help save lives in far-flung places.

  • Twitter Addresses 'Ban Trump' Protests With Argument Against Blocking World Leaders

    "Blocking a world leader from Twitter or removing their controversial Tweets, would hide important information people should be able to see and debate," Twitter says.

  • A Trademark War Almost Tore Apart The Adult Baby Community

    An adult diaper company wanted to trademark the term “ABDL,” and the adult babies/diaper lovers were not here for it.

  • Mark Zuckerberg's 2018 Challenge: Fix Facebook's Serious Problems

    Zuck is committing his 2018 to fixing problems with abuse, hate, and foreign interference on Facebook. In 2009 he promised to wear ties.

  • Peter Thiel Is Exploring The Creation Of A Conservative Cable News Network

    Sources say the billionaire has engaged the wealthy Mercer family about the endeavor. According to a new book, Thiel also explored plans to create a Fox News competitor with the late Roger Ailes.

  • Researchers Found Two Major Security Flaws In Processors That Affect Most Of The World's Computers

    The two flaws, nicknamed Meltdown and Spectre, could give hackers access to the entire memory of nearly all the world's computers.

  • Steve Bannon Privately Called Trump A

    As the relationship between the Breitbart boss and the president explodes in public, emails obtained by BuzzFeed News reveal that Bannon, in private, was never a Trump zealot.

  • Twitter Temporarily Locks Sheriff David Clarke's Account Over A Violent Tweet

    The top Trump supporter and former Milwaukee Sheriff got sent to Twitter time out.

  • Mishal Husain comes face-to-face with AI and the Mishalbot

    Presenter Mishal Husain comes face-to-face with robot her, the Mishalbot.

  • How 2017 Spelled The End Of The Hippie Food Era

    As more pioneers of the organic movement approached retirement age this year, Whole Foods, an icon of natural foods, was bought by Amazon. "It is without a doubt a different world."

  • 19 Things BuzzFeed Tech Tried And Liked In 2017

    All the innovations, apps, hacks, habits, gadgets, and robovacuums that made our lives a little better this year.

  • Turn Off Twitter's Algorithm And You'll Still Be Stuck With Old Tweets

    Opting out of Twitter's algorithm removes some old tweets from your timeline, but not all of them.

  • 11 Tech Heroes Of 2017 Who Aren’t CEOs

    Meet the plebes among us who did something that changed the tech industry, spoke truth to power in a remarkable way that effected real change, or just made the world a little more interesting.

  • Uber’s New CEO Gets First Big Win By Closing Multibillion-Dollar SoftBank Investment

    CEO Dara Khosrowshahi is now preparing Uber to begin the IPO process by 2019.

  • 2017 Was The Year That The Internet Destroyed Our Shared Reality

    How the pro-Trump media, conspiratorial hyperpartisans, and delinquent platforms ushered in two parallel universes of information.

  • How baby play is helping robots imagine the future

    Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley have taught a robot to play.

  • A Year In Twitter Missteps And Apologies

    Twitter's 2017 was pretty bumpy.

  • Can AI keep these zoo animals warm?

    A UK zoo has teamed up with tech giant IBM in a bid to keep its heating costs down during the winter.

  • These 13 Startups And Products Didn’t Make It Through 2017

    Goodnight, sweet Juicero machine.

  • Primary school uses Minecraft to teach Bronze Age history

    Primary school pupils are playing a popular computer game in the classroom to learn about the Bronze Age.

  • Silicon Valley Punished Some Badly Behaved Men In 2017. Now, It Needs To Fix Its Broken Culture.

    In an industry that has long struggled with gender equality, it's not yet clear whether it's just getting rid of a few bad apples or if the industry is truly ready for change.

  • I Can't Stop Thinking About This Picture Of Amazon's CEO

    $100 billion makes you very, um, swole apparently.

  • Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt Steps Down As Alphabet's Executive Chairman

    On Thursday, the technology giant announced that Schmidt, who served as Google CEO from 2001 to 2011, would transition into a role as "technical advisor" to the company in January. He will remain on the company's board.

  • The Coinbase Effect Shows The Power Of The US’s Most Important Cryptocurrency Platform

    Bitcoin Cash surged more than 180% after Coinbase, the popular trading platform, announced it would allow for trading of the relatively new cryptocurrency.

  • Is Khloé Kardashian's Pregnancy Announcement #Sponsored?

    Does she just happen to be wearing that Calvin Klein bra — or is it part of an upcoming ad campaign?

  • Here's What WeWork Spent Its Billions On In 2017

    WeWork grew to an insane size this year, and it bought a ton of stuff.

  • Facebook Allowed Sellers To Target Teens With Ads For Penis Keychains

    The ads violated Facebook's policies, and the company removed them following an inquiry from BuzzFeed News.

  • Apple Does Make Your iPhone Slower As Its Battery Gets Older

    Why you should replace your iPhone battery (instead of getting a new iPhone).

  • Facebook Is Getting Rid Of Its Fact-Checking Label And Replacing It With This

    Facebook says showing fact-checks as related articles leads to to fewer shares of false stories.

  • Robot giant FX-2 is ridden by human pilots

    A South Korean start-up shows off a huge robot designed to make humans stronger and more mobile.

  • How Facebook Handled A Fake Photo Of Mark Zuckerberg In A Nazi Uniform

    Amid an unprecedented content moderation effort filled with unclear choices, Facebook is figuring out where to draw the line between being proactive and limiting speech.

  • 11 Buzzwords Of 2017, Also I’m Sorry For Saying The Term “Buzzwords”

    Ratio'd, podfasters, nameflamers, and soy boys.

  • Pokémon Go Has A New, More Realistic Augmented Reality Mode

    You can now approach and move *around* Pokémon — only if you have an iOS device, that is.

  • Silicon Valley Is Turning Into Its Own Worst Fear

    We asked a group of writers to consider the forces that have shaped our lives in 2017. Here, science fiction writer Ted Chiang looks at capitalism, Silicon Valley, and its fear of superintelligent AI.

  • Uber Is A Taxi Service, Not A Tech Company, The European Union's Top Court Has Ruled

    The ride-hail company will now be subject to the transport regulations in individual European countries following a landmark ruling by the European Court of Justice.

  • Facebook Will Now Alert You When You Appear In Photos You're Not Tagged In

    A new face recognition feature from Facebook will tell you when people upload pictures of you — even if they don't tag you.

  • How To Survive The Worst Possible Year A Tech Company Could Have

    Uber had a tough year, but it’s still standing. Here’s how the company beat the odds and managed to survive 2017.

  • The 50 Worst Things On The Internet In 2017

    It was a great year for terrible things. This post is NSFW and NSFL.

  • Train app could help disabled travellers

    A new app could help wheelchair users get help at railway stations and better access to trains.

  • Nikon v Kodak: 360 cameras go head-to-head

    Two mid-range 360 cameras are put to test by the BBC Click team.

  • Uber Accused Of Espionage, Bribery, Hacking, And More In Bombshell Letter

    A former Uber employee accused the company of corporate espionage, unlawful surveillance, illegal wiretapping, bribery of foreign officials, and illicit hacking.

  • AI helps write Harry Potter fanfiction and other news

    BBC Click's Jen Copestake looks at some of the best of the week's technology news stories.

  • Paternoster: The rare lift that went over the top

    As one of the last examples of a unique lift closes in Leicester, is it hasta la vista Paternoster?

  • 35 Times Privacy Was A Lie In 2017

    The hacks, data breaches, uncanny smart devices, panoptical social media, and government surveillance that happened in a single year. Yay!!

  • What do you know about net neutrality?

    The FCC is expected to vote to overturn Obama-era laws relating to net neutrality. We asked people in Washington what they thought about that.

  • What is net neutrality and how could it affect you?

    An Obama-era law that protects "net neutrality" is repealed by a US regulator, so what does it mean?

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