• David Cameron: Brexit's 'less bad than we thought'

    The former prime minister was caught on camera at the World Economic Forum, in Davos, Switzerland.

  • David Davis v Jacob Rees-Mogg on Brexit transition

    Brexit Secretary David Davis rejects fellow Tory's Jacob Rees-Mogg's suggestion it would be "more honest" to admit the UK plans to "de facto" stay in the EU for two extra years.

  • Theresa May urged to extend smear tests to under 25s

    The prime minister says she will look at the rules and urges women not to avoid the tests.

  • UKIP leader Henry Bolton says his relationship with Jo Marney has been put on hold

    UKIP leader Henry Bolton says his relationship with Jo Marney has been put on hold.

  • MPs Boles, Vaizey, Shapps and Soames on Tory policies

    Comments from MPs Nick Boles, Ed Vaizey, Grant Shapps and Nicholas Soames about Conservative policies.

  • Sugar tax: Drinks becoming pricier and in smaller bottles

    Those who like a fizzy drink will soon be paying more to enjoy them, when the sugar tax comes into force in April this year.

  • Henry Bolton's leadership: David Allen and Peter Whittle

    Debating Henry Bolton's leadership with supporter David Allen and Peter Whittle, who thinks he should stand down.

  • UKIP's Henry Bolton statement on his leadership

    UKIP’s leader says he will not be standing down and wants to change the way the party is governed

  • UKIP: Why have post-Farage party leaders not lasted?

    The party has been through a number of leadership changes recently.

  • Charlotte Gill on social media reaction to sexual claims

    There needs to be a "more balanced approach" in dealing with sexual assault and sexual relations, says Charlotte Gill.

  • UKIP's Gerard Batten on Henry Bolton's leadership

    UKIP's leader is "not facing reality" as several party spokespeople have stood down, says MEP Gerard Batten.

  • French deputy Alexandre Holroyd on Macron's 'Frexit' claim

    A French politician raises doubts on President Macron's claim that France would "probably" have voted to leave the EU had a referendum taken place.

  • UKIP leader Henry Bolton 'not standing down'

    UKIP Leader Henry Bolton has faced repeated calls to quit over offensive texts sent by his former girlfriend.

  • President Macron on Trump, Brexit and Frexit

    What we learnt when French President Emmanuel Macron talked to the BBC's Andrew Marr.

  • Brexit: Adonis and Rees-Mogg go head to head

    Sarah Smith discusses the extent to which the House of Lords can block Brexit - or at least amend the related legidlation - with the leading Brexit campaigner Jacob Rees-Mogg MP and ardent pro-EU peer Lord Adonis.

  • French President says Donald Trump is not a 'classical politician'

    France's president criticises Donald Trump's crude comment about African countries, in a BBC interview.

  • Minister: Utter lie to say Tories don't believe in NHS

    Minister Margot James says it is "utterly untrue" to suggest the government wants to privatise the NHS.

  • Child refugees at Calais aiming to leave France for UK

    After President Macron's visit to the UK, the British government makes a renewed pledge to allow more child refugees to come to Britain.

  • Momentum Barbara Ntumy on Corbyn's 'exciting new vision'

    Taking to the potter's wheel, Momentum Barbara Ntumy looks at Jeremy Corbyn's "exciting new vision".

  • Leo Varadkar talks to EU about post-Brexit future

    BBC Europe correspondent Adam Fleming looks at Brexit messages in the Irish PM's speech.

  • Small businesses fear they may have lost thousands with Carillion collapse

    Small businesses fear they may have lost thousands with Carillion collapse.

  • RBS chairman: PFI has been a fraud

    Royal Bank of Scotland chairman Howard Davies calls the private finance initiative a "fraud".

  • Rosena Allin-Khan on Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh

    An MP describes meeting people who had been gang-raped, seen their husbands murdered and their babies thrown on to a fire.

  • MP: Holocaust cast dark spectre over my family

    Alex Sobel's voice cracked as he told MPs of seeing the numbers tattooed on his great aunt's arm.

  • Stella Creasy wants windfall tax on PFI companies to recover taxpayers money

    Stella Creasy MP wants windfall tax on PFI companies to recover taxpayers money.

  • Attracting new MPs: Layla Moran and Gillian Keegan

    Two of Parliament's newest MPs recount how they ended up in Parliament at the 2017 election.

  • PMQs: Corbyn and May on private firms in public sector

    Public services need to be provided by "public employees with a public service ethos" says Jeremy Corbyn.

  • PMQs: Goldsmith and May on sex attacker judicial review

    The sentence served by John Worboys is "an insult to his victims” says Zac Goldsmith, who calls on the PM to back a judicial review.

  • PMQs: Sir Desmond Swayne asks Theresa May about plastic

    An MP who appeared to doze off in the House of Commons is back 24 hours later joking about his nap.

  • PMQs: Smith and May on mental health service

    The prime minister is asked when her "warm words" on mental health services will be put into action.

  • Does MP Sir Desmond Swayne nod off in Ken Clarke's speech?

    Sir Desmond Swayne seems very relaxed during his colleague's speech on the EU Withdrawal Bill.

  • Anna Soubry on new Boris Johnson Brexit bus NHS claims

    People have been "conned" by claims on the side of a bus about extra money for the NHS, says Anna Soubry MP.

  • Should private or public firms run public services?

    The moodbox, an unscientific test with a box and balls, is used to find out what the man and woman in the street think of the public and private sectors.

  • Donald Tusk on Brexit: 'Our hearts are still open to you'

    The European Council President says the UK could remain in the EU if there is "a change of heart".

  • How Belgium, Germany, Iraq, Somalia, US and Antarctica cope

    Looking at how countries, or less defined areas, can function without an elected government.

  • Bolton: Views not Marney's 'core beliefs'

    Leader of UKIP says Jo Marney views not in line with her 'core beliefs'

  • Women and voting: Suffragist Millicent Fawcett

    A look at the life of suffragist Millicent Fawcett in the 100th anniversary year of women winning the vote.

  • German John Jungclaussen talks UK, EU and Brexit

    Other EU nations are not out to get Britain, and they have things to worry about other than Brexit, says a German journalist.

  • Sturgeon: Corbyn supporters at odds with his Brexit stance

    The SNP leader says Labour MPs must get their "act together" and try to keep the UK in the single market.

  • What could UK's future trade relationship with the EU look like?

    The EU says we can only have an 'off-the-shelf' model, like the deals with Norway or Canada; but the UK Government says we can be far more ambitious, as Elizabeth Glinka reports.

  • Mayor Sadiq Khan's speech interrupted by protesters

    A speech by Sadiq Khan was suspended for several minutes while demonstrators were removed by police.

  • US elects famous candidates, but Britain does not

    Why do famous names win US elections, but British celebs fail to make it to public office.

  • Facebook and Twitter effect on political leaders

    Social media is reaching those who might not get their news from broadcasters and traditional media.

  • UKIP leader Henry Bolton on private life coverage

    Henry Bolton tells the BBC he did not want the publicity his relationship with a model attracted.

  • Peter Stringfellow on Conservatives, Brexit and election

    Peter Stringfellow calls for a general election, and for politicians to be honest about where they stand over leaving the EU.

  • A Farage-Umunna bustup over Trump

    Nigel Farage and Chuka Umunna disagree over Donald Trump's cancelled UK visit.

  • UKIP leader on Farage and second Brexit vote comments

    Nigel Farage misspoke in second EU referendum comments, UKIP's leader has said.

  • Labour fire spokesman on standing down over council tax

    Labour's fire spokesman denies being sacked from the opposition front bench over council tax comments.

  • Theresa May unveils 25 year plan to 'nurture' environment

    Prime Minister Theresa May unveils "national plan with international ambitions".

  • Conservative membership and role of grassroots members

    The Conservative Party has not revealed how many paid-up members it has, but estimates suggest the total has fallen to around 100,000.

  • Jeremy Corbyn: 25 years to end plastic waste 'too long'

    Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says the government's 25 year plan to end plastic waste is "too long".

  • Michael 'Govey' Gove...

    Environment Secretary Michael Gove appears to channel his own Dead Ringers impersonation

  • Tim Farron regrets saying gay sex not a sin

    Ex-Lib Dem leader says he regrets saying he didn't think gay sex was a sin, in the general election.

  • Speaker tells MP: I looked meaningfully at you to ask a question

    Speaker John Bercow tells Lib Dem MP Layla Moran that he had "looked meaningfully" at her hoping that she would ask a question of the prime minister at PMQs.

  • PMQs: Corbyn and May on patients waiting in ambulances

    Jeremy Corbyn wants to know the "words of comfort" from the prime minister to patients waiting in the back of ambulances.

  • PMQs: Corbyn and May on cancelled hospital operations

    Jeremy Corbyn asks about nurses treating patients in car parks while 55,000 operations have been cancelled this month.

  • PMQs: Caulfield and May on children and high energy drinks

    The government should bring in a national ban on the sale of high energy drinks for under-16s, says an MP

  • Justices Appear Likely To Uphold Ohio's System For Removing Voters From The Rolls

    Arguments on Wednesday centered around whether Ohio is using a failure to vote, and nothing more, as the basis for canceling voter registrations. The state says a notice it sends to people who haven't voted provides a safeguard that makes the system OK.

  • J.D. Vance Is Now Seriously Considering Running For Senate In Ohio

    The Hillbilly Elegy author is fielding increased calls for him to enter the race now that Josh Mandel has dropped out. And he's in Washington this week, talking to Republican leaders about the possibility.

  • Court Strikes Down North Carolina's Congressional Map For Being A

    North Carolina's 2016 congressional map is unconstitutional, a federal court ruled on Tuesday, because its "partisan favoritism" violates the Equal Protection Clause, First Amendment, and Election Clause.

  • Toby Young: The man behind the tweets

    He's stepped down from a new university regulator amid a row over controversial comments on Twitter.

  • Toby Young has resigned from the board of a new university regulator

    Toby Young has resigned from the board of a new university regulator.

  • Stormont collapse: What has happened in the last year?

    A look at the developments in politics since Stormont collapsed a year ago

  • 2018 elections: Italy, Russia, USA, Hungary, Iraq and Egypt

    There are some national elections with potential importance to the UK coming up in other countries across 2018.

  • Nigel Farage on UKIP leader Henry Bolton press coverage

    Newspaper coverage about the private life of Henry Bolton mean people have been talking about the man who was elected UKIP leader in September.

  • Kate Andrews on changes to funding health care services

    Kate Andrews from the Institute of Economic Affairs says it is time to look at a radically different way of running health services.

  • Howard: May is in 'a strong position'

    Former Conservative leader Michael Howard says Theresa May is in a good position.

  • Nicola Sturgeon: 'A no Brexit deal is unthinkable'

    Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says that a no deal on Brexit is "unthinkable.

  • Theresa May: 'Clear message' from country on fox hunting

    The prime minister announces she has dropped plans to hold a vote on the fox hunting ban during this parliament.

  • Viewsnight: ‘The Brexit generation is dying out’

    Times columnist David Aaronovitch argues the pro-Brexit majority will be cut to zero as older voters die.

  • Rebekah Mercer Publicly Breaks With Steve Bannon

    But the statement, a rare public one from Rebekah Mercer, leaves a lot to the imagination about when and where her family stopped being a benefactor to Bannon's efforts. It's not clear when Mercer and Bannon last spoke, multiple people told BuzzFeed News.

  • Theresa May sorry for NHS difficulties

    The Prime Minster says she knows hospital problems are "disappointing" and "frustrating" for people.

  • In full: John Pienaar interviews Blair on Brexit

    Former Labour PM Tony Blair tells the BBC why he believes the UK should get another say on Brexit.

  • Lord Owen: Brexit can be a positive story

    The former British Foreign Secretary argues Britain needs to make a success of Brexit.

  • How Jeremy Corbyn joined Labour's leadership race in 2015

    Reporter Mark Lobel tells the story of a bid which so nearly fell at the first hurdle.

  • Trump Just Disbanded His Contested Election Integrity Commission

    Trump blamed states for refusing to turn over information to the commission, which was facing several challenges in court.

  • Parasites invade Houses of Parliament

    Managers at Westminster say action was successfully taken to tackle the parasites.

  • Viewsnight: ‘Women's rights - what's the point?’

    Cherie Blair argues gender equality would mean a big economic boost, but it's not the only reason to fight for it.

  • NHS in 'serious crisis,' says Labour's Ashworth

    Shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth says patients are "suffering" because of spending cuts.

  • Paul Manafort Is Suing The Justice Department To Get Rid Of Special Counsel Robert Mueller

    Manafort claims Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein didn't have the authority to give the special counsel power to investigate anything beyond Russian collusion.

  • Sir John Curtice: 'The election was easier to predict than this'

    Psephologist John Curtice says he had not predicted the knighthood he has been given for services to social sciences and politics.

  • Judge Denies Rick Gates' Request To Leave His House To Celebrate New Year's Eve

    The defendant in one of the cases brought by the Special Counsel's Office will have to ring in the new year at home.

  • Political review of 2017: May, Corbyn, Brexit and election

    The story of politics in 2017, including a snap general election that was full of surprises.

  • Hunt: 'I would like to have long-term NHS plans'

    The health secretary says he would like the NHS to have a "longer time horizon".

  • Nathan Gill's assembly departure will 'strengthen UKIP'

    UKIP will be stronger following the departure of Nathan Gill from the Welsh Assembly, says David Rowlands AM.

  • Appeals Court Rules That Trump's Third Attempt At His Travel Ban Still Violates Federal Law

    The decision, however, will remain on hold pending any review from the Supreme Court.

  • Boris Johnson: Poor UK relations with Russia a tragedy

    Boris Johnson is the first UK foreign secretary to visit Russia in five years.

  • UK passports: 'The blue belongs to us' after Brexit

    Why British passports are changing colours after Brexit – and do Brits welcome the switch?

  • Inauguration Protesters Found Not Guilty On All Charges In Jury Trial

    A jury on Thursday found the six defendants not guilty on all charges they were facing in connection with Inauguration Day protests in Washington, DC.

  • Jeff Sessions Cuts 25

    In announcing the move, the Justice Department stated the 25 documents were "unnecessary, inconsistent with existing law, or otherwise improper."

  • Damian Green: Kate Maltby says No 10 knew about inappropriate advance claims

    Kate Maltby exclusively tells the BBC she passed concerns about the Secretary of State on in 2016.

  • Hunt: Green sacking 'very sad moment'

    Jeremy Hunt says Damian Green clearly breached ministerial code but that it is a sad moment.

  • Daily Politics moodbox: Voters' views on 2018 politics

    Does 2018 promise to be as eventful and unpredictable as the outgoing year in terms of politics?

  • Appeals Court Denies Trump Admin's Request To Delay Jan. 1 Trans Military Recruits Start Date

    The US Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit denied the request in a short order on Thursday.

  • Supreme Court Rules The Trump Administration Doesn't Need To Turn Over DACA Documents At This Time

    Challengers of the Trump administration's decision to end DACA are seeking internal government documents in an ongoing court challenge. The Supreme Court, however, ruled that they'll need to wait for now.

  • MP Robert Halfon says staff found someone asleep under desk

    Conservative MP Robert Halfon says his staff found someone asleep under the desks in their office in Parliament's basement.

  • PMQs: Efford asks May about naming her Christmas goose

    The prime minister is asked if she will be naming her Christmas goose after Boris Johnson or Michael Gove.

  • Paul Flynn v Michael Gove over £350m Brexit figure

    A Labour MP challenges Michael Gove over the Vote Leave campaign's use of the £350m figure.

  • As Justice Department Fights Transgender Service, Memo Shows The Military Is Preparing For New Recruits

    Military officials have had a policy in place for "processing transgender applicants for military service" since Dec. 8, a newly public memorandum shows.

  • Funding change could see domestic violence refuges shut

    Proposals to change how women's domestic violence refuges are funded could mean the accommodation is no longer paid for mainly from housing benefit.

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