• Report: Verizon Throttles Netflix, YouTube During Networks Tests

    Verizon says the speed discrepancies were related to 'network testing over the past few days to optimize the performance of video applications on our network.'

  • AT&T '5G Evolution' Network in Indianapolis Not Actually 5G

    AT&T is speeding up its network with gigabit LTE technologies, but it insists on calling them '5G Evolution' when they are not 5G.

  • Microsoft Wants to Get Rural America Online Using TV Signals

    The goal is to get two million rural Americans connected from 12 different states over the next five years using white space broadband.

  • Did the CIA Hack Your Router?

    The CIA reportedly had the capability to hack into dozens of Wi-Fi router models, even if they were protected by usernames and strong passwords.

  • Second-Gen Eero Boosts Wi-Fi Speed, Adds Security

    The new Eero mesh Wi-Fi system is smaller and faster, and even doubles as a nightlight.

  • xLED Malware Steals Data Using Router LEDs

    Data is converted into a binary format and transmitted by flashing the LED activity lights while a nearby camera records their output.

  • The Best Wireless Routers of 2017

    Keep all your hardware cruising along on your wireless network with a top-notch Wi-Fi router. Here's what you need to know to find the right router, along with our highest-rated recent reviews.

  • Up in the Air With Gogo's Speedier In-Flight Wi-Fi

    Gogo's new 2Ku satellite service and modems will make in-flight internet even faster this summer.

  • How a Retired Nurse Provides Her Small Vt. Town With Internet

    Diane Peel is prepping a wireless mesh network in Newport, Vermont, that will offer high-speed internet access at a fraction of what the commercial ISPs charge.

  • Comcast Eyes Simpler, Stronger Wi-Fi With xFi

    Comcast's planned Wi-Fi mesh network system is part of its new cloud-based Xfinity Xfi system, which helps you manage in-home connections from the web.

  • Sprint 'Magic Box' Boosts Indoor Coverage

    Sprint's free box magnifies signals from its high-speed towers for better coverage inside your home.

  • How to Set Up and Optimize Your Wireless Router

    If you want the best possible Wi-Fi performance in your home, follow these simple steps for setting up your router and wireless network the right way.

  • T-Mobile Announces Low-Band 5G Network

    T-Mobile announced that it's building a nationwide 5G network in the 600MHz band.

  • What Is 5G?

    AT&T, Verizon Wireless, and other carriers will start to launch 5G networks this year. But what exactly is 5G? Here's what we know so far.

  • AT&T Expands Fiber Rollout to 8 New Cities

    More customers in the South, Midwest, and California could soon see speeds of up to one gigabit per second.

  • Comcast Gives Wireless Service a Try With Xfinity Mobile

    Xfinity Mobile will be sold to existing Comcast customers for $12/GB of data or up to $65/line for an 'unlimited' plan. But can it overcome its dismal customer service reputation?

  • Google Wifi Now Lets You Pause the Internet

    The new Scheduled Pause feature is easy to use—perhaps too easy if you plan on using it to stop yourself from late-night internet binges.

  • Galaxy S8 May Be the Fastest Phone on Every Network

    The Samsung Galaxy S8 is T-Mobile's first 'gigabit phone' and can hear Sprint's LTE signals better than almost any other device, the carriers said.

  • The Best NAS (Network Attached Storage) Devices of 2017

    A network-attached storage (NAS) device is ideal for giving multiple users remote access to large amounts of data. Here's our shopping advice and top product recommendations.

  • Want to Triple LTE Speeds? Just Add Wi-Fi

    KT's 'Giga LTE' in Korea shows the gains US carriers might see later this year. It's blazing fast.

  • Facebook, Nokia Boost Transatlantic Data Capacity

    Facebook's expansion into live video and other data-hogging features means it has to squeeze more capacity out of undersea fiber-optic cables.

  • HughesNet Quadruples Satellite ISP Data Caps

    The launch of a new satellite means a lot more capacity, and higher data caps, for the satellite ISP.

  • FCC Reveals Samsung Galaxy S8's US, Canadian Networks

    The upcoming Galaxy S8 has an uncommon new radio band used by T-Mobile in the U.S. and Freedom Mobile in Canada.

  • Sprint Shows Off New Moto Phone, Gigabit LTE

    Sprint pumped 700Mbps speeds during a basketball game, but the real outcome may be a more consistent experience for city Sprint subscribers in general.

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